The BeansBooks Concept

When business efficiency & insight are key.

Proper accounting offers insight into your business, helps determine where to invest and your return on that investment, enables due diligence and, best of all, provides peace of mind. Always understanding your financial position opens a world of potential. Operating efficiently maximizes that potential. BeansBooks was designed to do both by stripping away the complexity of current accounting systems and ushering in a new age of integrated accounting.

Make reconciling easy

The tricky part of accounting is reconciling what happens on the front end of the business - between customers and the business or vendors and the business - and what happens in bank and credit card accounts. BeansBooks solves the problem by making it easy to record payments from multiple customers in one deposit and, conversely, easily recording vendor invoice payments with a single check.


The same concept works to reconcile 100s or 1000s of customer payments via credit card

Crowdsource your data entry.

Remove errors, reduce overhead and create real time analytics by connecting your e-commerce system to BeansBooks. BeansBooks extensive API enables automatic creation of customers, vendors, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices and more.

  • Retail Site
  • × 1 at $999.00
  • × 1 at $3.00
  • × 1 at $1.50
  • Total: $1003.50

    Place Order
  • BeansBooks
  • Automatically:
  • Creates the Customer
  • Creates the Products
  • Creates the Sales Order
  • Creates the AR Record
  • Creates the Sales Record
  • Affects the appropriate reports
  • …all without any data entry.

Easy data entry when necessary

As much as we would love not having any data entry, some invoices, expenses and sales tax payments simply have to be entered manually. When that’s the case, BeansBooks takes a thoughtful design approach to limit your data entry effort while speeding up the process.

Quickly tab through fields to fill out a form Create a product once and it autofills next time Save & Send to forward the invoice to your customer
Quickly tab through fields to fill out a form
Create a product once and it autofills next time
Save & Send to forward the invoice to your customer

Seeking Goldilocks by System76

System76 manufactures Ubuntu PCs. Efficiency and outstanding operations are required attributes in the PC business. System76 first built PC imaging systems, followed by custom ecommerce, sales, customer service and technical support systems. Each system was specially tuned to the PC business. The final piece was accounting.

While our website,, recorded all orders, an entirely separate accounting application was used to reconcile bank transactions. The lack of integration limited due diligence, accuracy and timeliness. It was unsustainable as we grew. We searched for a solution only to find accounting tools that were either too small and lacking or too large and unwieldy. We wanted the Goldilocks of accounting systems. Just the right features with a fast, easy to use interface and robust API. And with that mission, BeansBooks was born.

Give BeansBooks a try. It’s free to start and we’re pretty sure you’ll find that it’s just right for your business.