API Documentation


Search for customer payments.


auth_uid INTEGER The ID for your API key.
auth_key STRING The API key.
auth_expiration INTEGER Unique ID tied to your key; changes if you reset your key.
sort_by STRING The sort pattern for the returned results: 'newest', 'oldest'
page INTEGER The page to return.
page_size INTEGER The number of results on each page.
include_invoices BOOLEAN Include invoices when searching.
keywords STRING A generic search query string. Searches by payment date or amount. If search_flag_include_invoices is TRUE, then will search for matches to Sale Number, Order Number, and PO Number.


payments ARRAY An array of Beans_Customer_Payment.
total_results INTEGER Total number of results.
sort_by STRING The sort method used in the returned results.
pages INTEGER The total number of pages of results.
page INTEGER The currently returned page index.