API Documentation


Update a customer payment.


auth_uid INTEGER The ID for your API key.
auth_key STRING The API key.
auth_expiration INTEGER Unique ID tied to your key; changes if you reset your key.
id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Customer_Payment to update.
deposit_account_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Account you are depositing into.
writeoff_account_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Account to write off balances to.
adjustment_account_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Account for an adjusting entry.
amount DECIMAL The total payment amount being received.
adjustment_amount DECIMAL The amount for an adjusting entry.
date STRING The date of hte payment.
number STRING A transaction or check number.
description STRING
sales ARRAY An array of objects representing the amount received for each sale.
id INTEGER The ID for the Beans_Customer_Sale being paid.
amount DECIMAL The amount being paid.
writeoff_balance BOOLEAN Write off the remaining balance of the sale.


payment OBJECT The resulting Beans_Customer_Payment.