API Documentation


Search for customer sales.


auth_uid INTEGER The ID for your API key.
auth_key STRING The API key.
auth_expiration INTEGER Unique ID tied to your key; changes if you reset your key.
sort_by STRING The sort pattern for the returned results: 'newest', 'oldest', 'duesoonest', 'duelatest'
page INTEGER The page to return.
page_size INTEGER The number of results on each page.
search_customer_id INTEGER Limit the search to a specific Beans_Customer.
keywords STRING A generic query string that will be compared to both users ( name, company name, phone number ) and sales ( total, Sale Number, Order Number, and PO Number ).
invoiced BOOLEAN Whether or not the sale has been invoiced. Can be true or false.
sent BOOLEAN Whether or not the sale has been sent in its current form. Can be true or false.
past_due BOOLEAN Whether or not the sale is past due. Can be true or false.
has_balance BOOLEAN Whether or not the sale has a balance. Can be true or false.
date_created_before STRING Search sales created before a YYYY-MM-DD date.
date_created_after STRING Search sales created after a YYYY-MM-DD date.
date_billed_before STRING Search sales billed before a YYYY-MM-DD date.
date_billed_after STRING Search sales billed after a YYYY-MM-DD date.


sales ARRAY An array of Beans_Customer_Sale.
total_results INTEGER Total number of results.
sort_by STRING The sort method used in the returned results.
pages INTEGER The total number of pages of results.
page INTEGER The currently returned page index.