API Documentation


Create a refund for a vendor purchase.


auth_uid INTEGER The ID for your API key.
auth_key STRING The API key.
auth_expiration INTEGER Unique ID tied to your key; changes if you reset your key.
id INTEGER The ID for the Beans_Vendor_Purchase being refunded.
account_id INTEGER The ID for the AP Beans_Account this purchase is being added to.
date_created STRING The date of the purchase in YYYY-MM-DD format.
date_billed STRING The bill date in YYYY-MM-DD for the sale; adding this will automatically convert it to an invoice.
invoice_number STRING This is required if date_billed is provided.
purchase_number STRING An purchase number to reference this purchase. If none is created, it will auto-generate.
so_number STRING An SO number to reference this purchase.
quote_number STRING A quote number to reference this purchase.
remit_address_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Vendor_Address to remit payment to.
shipping_address_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Vendor_Address_Shipping to ship to.
lines ARRAY An array of objects representing line items for the purchase.
description STRING The text for the line item.
amount DECIMAL The amount per unit.
quantity INTEGER The number of units.
account_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Account to count the cost of the purchase towards.


purchase OBJECT The resulting Beans_Vendor_Purchase.