API Documentation


A customer sale that has been exempted from paying sales tax.


form_id INTEGER Note - in cases where form_id is NULL, this represents an adjusting entry for tax balance purposes.
form_line_amount DECIMAL The applicable amount of non-taxable revenue for this period.
form_line_amount_taxable DECIMAL The applicable amount of taxable revenue for this period.
total DECIMAL The applicable amount of taxes due for this sale.
customer OBJECT A Beans_Tax_Liability_Customer object - which represents an abbreviated Beans_Customer object.
account_name STRING The name of the receivable Beans_Account tied to this sale.
sale_number STRING
order_number STRING
po_number STRING
quote_number STRING
tax_exempt BOOLEAN Whether or not this entire sale is tax exempt.
tax_exempt_reason BOOLEAN Explanation for exemption.
lines ARRAY An array of Beans_Tax_Liability_Line - a simplified representation of Beans_Customer_Sale_Line.
title STRING A short description of the sale.