API Documentation


Represents a tax payment.


tax OBJECT The Beans_Tax this payment belongs t.
amount DECIMAL The payment amount.
writeoff_amount DECIMAL
date STRING The payment date.
date_start STRING The beginning of the remitted date range.
date_end STRING The end of the remitted date range.
check_number STRING
payment_account OBJECT The Beans_Account that payment was remitted from.
payment_transaction OBJECT The Beans_Account_Transaction representing the transfer from the payment account.
writeoff_transaction OBJECT The Beans_Account_Transaction represetnging the writeoff transfer.
transaction OBJECT The Beans_Transaction representing the transfer.
invoiced_line_amount DECIMAL The total invoiced sales.
invoiced_line_taxable_amount DECIMAL The total taxable invoiced sales.
invoiced_amount DECIMAL The total taxes for sales.
refunded_line_amount DECIMAL The total invoiced refunds.
refunded_line_taxable_amount DECIMAL The total taxable invoiced refunds.
refunded_amount DECIMAL The total taxes for sales.
net_line_amount DECIMAL The total sales.
net_line_taxable_amount DECIMAL The total taxable sales.
net_amount DECIMAL The total taxes.
liabilities ARRAY An array of Beans_Tax_Liability objects that this payment was applied to.