API Documentation


A vendor purchase order.


vendor OBJECT The Beans_Vendor that this expense belongs to.
account OBJECT The Beans_Account that was used to pay the expense.
sent STRING The sent status of the purchase: 'email', 'print', 'both', or NULL
refund_purchase_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Vendor_Expense that was a refund of ( or refunded ) this.
remit_address OBJECT The remit Beans_Vendor_Address.
shipping_address OBJECT The shipping Beans_Vendor_Address_Shipping.
date_created STRING
create_transaction_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Transaction to create the purchase.
invoice_transaction_id INTEGER The ID of the Beans_Transaction converting it to an invoice.
subtotal DECIMAL
balance DECIMAL
purchase_number STRING
quote_number STRING
so_number STRING
invoice_number STRING
lines ARRAY An array of Beans_Vendor_Purchase_Line.
payments ARRAY An array of Beans_Vendor_Payment tied to this purchase.
status STRING