Open code. Infinite possibilities.

BeansBooks Development

BeansBooks is an Open Code project developed and managed by System76, Inc. BeansBooks is offered as a hosted service or you can download, install, modify and use the software free of charge, provided you do so according to the terms of the BeansBooks Public License. BeansBooks hosted service provides additional benefits including server management, feature updates, security updates and support.

Because BeansBooks is Open Code, you have the power to alter the core software to add features, custom fields, special bank import formats or any other customization you can dream up. We encourage contributions and involvement in development. If you're adding a feature that's valuable to you, it's probably valuable to others as well.

BeansBooks is developed on GitHub.

BeansBooks Public License Overview

What you can do with BeansBooks:

  • Download, install and use BeansBooks for free
  • Modify BeansBooks for your own personal or business internal use without sharing the change
  • Modify BeansBooks and distribute your modification along with BeansBooks under the same BeansBooks Public License

What you can’t do with BeansBooks:

  • Change the BeansBooks logo or any other BeansBooks trademark in the code or user interface
  • Distribute BeansBooks for sale or combined with other software or services for sale without a trademark agreement from System76

Why is BeansBooks called “Open Code”?

BeansBooks is licensed to encourage users to freely modify and use the source code for commercial and non-commercial use. The license restricts distributing BeansBooks for sale. Open Source, by definition, requires the license allow commercial redistribution. Due to that difference, BeansBooks is called Open Code.

Questions? Contact us or view the full BeansBooks License.